20 August 2013

Berlin - Day 2

Schönhauser Alle. That's where our room is. A semi-anonymous actress is living in a penthouse flat with a spare room that she rents out via air-bnb. The room is fairly neat, furnished with a small table and a chair, a big window with a view on a stagnant construction site, a little veranda and a private bathroom. I'd like to think we've got a good deal.

The reason I said semi-anonymous is, because she told us she were an actress, and from what I imagine is that actors try to be well-known. And yet we know nothing about her. It's her flat and she didn't ask us anything, either. Not that we'd have anything to tell her, it's just, you know, just a thought. Our whole stay was pleasantly anonymous.

And so is the city, I think. Perhaps that's something all the big cities have in common. People live next to each other, use the same streets, the same stairs, and don't even say hello anymore. That's why it was great to meet a dear friend from Seoul for dinner. Mana introduced us to a nice Thai restaurant in Mitte. She said it was a little hipster, but we didn't mind.

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