21 August 2013

Berlin - Day 3

The streets of Kreuzberg and Mitte are much like the corridors of a museum. Every sidewalk, every wall has something to say. From what I remember they used to be much louder, but still there's a lot to be discovered. We walked past a camper van and talked about new possibilities of traveling, we saw an ancient scooter and felt the winds of modern history in our faces.

If you walk down Brunnenstraße, you'll find a store on your left called Handbestand. At first sight it looks like a messy bookstore, but if you give it a shot you'll find out that it's one of the best spots to catch a mellow breakfast and browse for selected literature in German, French and English. We spent most of our forenoons there and imagined to be real berliner residents.

Up the street you'll cross Bernauerstraße. In the 1960's they started seperating the west from the east. Bernauerstraße is where one of the early escape tunnels were built. Imagine someone comes to your home and puts guarded brick walls in your windows. When people realized that the wall would stand longer than they were told it would, they started running.

In the afternoon, Sumin and I took a walk through Mitte. There was a Kraftwerk exhibition that Mana told us about. I'm not a big fan, but I usually don't fight cultural input. We had some time left, so we went and had a famous Currywurst first. The show was alright, but sitting on the sidewalk with Sumin, enjoying a snack and a cold beer, is pretty much as good as it gets.

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