17 May 2013

Jeju - Day 2

I've been to Jeju Island three times before. One time, the first visit, I barely remember. I was about ten or eleven years old. It was a family trip and we stayed at a fancy hotel that made me uncomfortable most of the time. I remember we went to see one or two popular sights and then, I don't know, that's it. No more memories. I guess it wasn't that great a trip. 

The other two times were in the recent past, May and June two thousand and ten, to be exact, and those trips were with close friends. Both times, we stayed in a pension called Merville, an awesome little place in the northeast of the island. That's where Sumin and I had checked in and after a courageous seafood dinner we went back and enjoyed the ocean view.

Today we started off with a little cruising along the shore. Not too many cars were on the road and we could leisurely push to the hidden coffee shop that we discovered yesterday. It was us two, and the carrier bag that has followed me from Bonn to Berlin, from London to Paris, from Bangkok to Bali. It's been a loyal companion and I'm glad that its wheels are still spinning.

With our entire belongings in it, it felt like moving. And in a sense it was. Today was a national holiday and I had realised too late that the whole country would take a vacation to Jeju. Finding a place to stay was a real pain in the ass, but the day before yesterday, I got a call back from one of the pensions I had inquired. Bada Dream had a sudden vacancy and we grabbed it. 

After checking in, we took a trip to the western part of the island. One thing Jeju is famous for is its green tea. They have a huge museum with vast open fields right outside the door. Sumin and I walked hand in hand to the top of the hill and for once in a very long time I felt initial peace of mind. I forgot about everything else and together we spent a wonderful evening.

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