04 June 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 7

Today I had a strange day. I woke up and was plagued by a number of questions I didn't know the answers to. They wouldn't stop bothering me all through the morning, through breakfast, too, butter croissant and instant coffee. I got on my own nerves and by the time I had finished my Seven Eleven microwave lunch I was thoroghly pissed off. It looked like rain all day, so I decided to stay home and read. It took my mind off all the thinking, but soon enough I finished my book.

I spent some time looking out the window. On good days I find it inspiring. Miniature scenes of life passing by in all kinds of vehicles. A young mother drove by on a scooter at forty kilometers an hour. She was racing slalom around the slowly driving cars. On her lap she had a little child. It was standing and laughing, demonstrating a perfect example of Urvertrauen. Shortly after that a pick-up truck was waiting in traffic. A few men were sitting on its open back, drinking beer and telling stories. 

On a good day it would remind me of the rooftop scene in the Shawshank Redemption where Andy is fighting with a guard and gets a couple of cold beers for his friends and fellow inmates. I would imagine their stories. I would picture their lives, try to comprehend what it's like to sit on the back of a truck after an early shift of manual labour in a city like Bangkok. On a good day that is. But not today. Today was a day I would spend a thousand Baht on Time Crisis.

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