03 June 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 6

Everything is grey today. The air is thick, a little hard to breathe, and a heavy cover of dark clouds is forecasting a shower. Most people on the street are prepared. They are holding umbrellas and looking up regularly, hoping it won't start till they get to where they are headed, or wearing thin blue plastic coats from the supermarket, secretly waiting for the drops to fall, because then they won't look so stupid anymore. Only a few people seem planless. They flee into shops or taxis to avoid getting wet. People like me. 

"Like anything else?" a young woman says, bursting my bubble of thoughts. I look at her, she's smiling. She's wearing a black apron and I sharply identify her as the waitress. I give her a quick horizontal nod and mouth a little "No thanks". She nods back in a friendly, affirmative way and turns around. I briefly scan the room. A man is reading the paper, probably observing an interesting article, he doesn't blink; a woman is reading something English to a little boy, he doesn't seem to listen; a foreigner couple is sitting a little too ignorantly on the sofa, they look tense, maybe they had a fight.

I reach for my coffee mug and find it empty. When did I drink up? I should've ordered a refill. I turn around, looking for the waitress, but she seems occupied. She's being talked to by the Australian guy, his girlfriend is facing the other way. I turn back around and look out the window. It has started raining. People are running, getting wet anyway. The streets here are built unfortunately, they collect the rain water in huge puddles which is then being splashed around by cars whose drivers don't care. I shrug. The waitress is back. She's smiling, but her smile looks broken.

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