12 June 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 15

I wake up and walk to the window. I open the curtains and greet the morning. It's sunday. And my last one in Bangkok. Everything seems to be normal. The sun is shining, cars are driving by, into a far-away nothingness on the right and towards the busy junction on the left. A couple of scooters are parked at the Seven Eleven on the corner, their drivers sitting in front of the shop, talking with serious faces, perhaps discussing the upcoming election.

I open the window and the brutal rattle of exhaust pipes is hitting me in the head. I step back and hear the next-door dog bark at an innocent passer-by, a little girl, maybe twelve years old. Brutal monster, doesn't like skateboards, either. Its owner, also owner of the neighboring garage, suddenly starts hammering on someting and the sharp sound of metal hitting metal feels like needles in my ears. I soon close the window again, regretting ever having opened it. 

After a little breakfast I decide to go skate. And since it it's sunday I assumed a lot of kids to be in the park today, so I took my too small nikes with me in order to sell them. Maybe some kid needed new shoes, skater kids always do. And I predicted right. A kid who asked me how to ollie up the euro gap was willing to take them despite the fact that they didn't fit his feet. I double-checked with him and he said yes. Well, my conscience is clear. But I made him a good deal.

In the evening I met Miss Ploy. We went to Wink's for a few drinks and to hear the band play. After all it was my last sunday in the city. We got a great spot, stage to the left, bar to the right, far away from the restrooms and close enough to the air-condition. As a snack and dinner we ordered Fried Chicken with Herbs and French Fries. And let me tell you, those herbs are secretely amazing, I was pretty close to ordering another portion. For such a cool bar they have a surprisingly good kitchen.

And then came the rum. Actually, I still don't know what the drink is called, maybe it's even a Wink's specialty because everybody was enjoying it here and I never saw it anywhere else; it's a mixture of ice, Thai rum, coke and Sprudelwasser. Depending on the ratio it becomes a really tasty drink. And sitting there next to Ploy and P'Don, the owner, layed back with a glass of goodness in my hand, herbful chicken in my stomach and a stream of really nice tunes in my ears, I felt that this was probably what will bring me back one day.

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