07 June 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 10

Today I started reading a new book. I think there's nothing quite like it. Reading the first word, the first sentence, the first paragraph. I got it from B2S, I wonder what that stands for, by the way - just like I wonder what the R in Triple R CafĂ© stands for -, the shop in the Esplanade Mall where I also got my last book from. Again I spent about an hour to find the right one, going from Orwell to Lee and DeLillo. I leafed through Carver and Eugenides, and at the end I got a volume of short stories. 

I started reading it on a nice wooden bench on the ground floor, right between a Black Canyon Coffee Shop and the Esprit sales corner, enjoying a placebo chocolate bar and the sound of strangers walking by. Earlier, I hit my left knee with my board while I was skating at the indoor skatepark in the back of NY-LA, and that's why sitting there wasn't easy at times and the Mars sort of acted as a pain killer. But it helped and I could concentrate on the first chapter of my newly purchased piece of literature.

For dinner I had Spicy Fried Rice with Chicken and as I sat there, waiting for my dish, I was wondering if lately my meals were lacking in variety. Maybe I should try something absurdly different tomorrow. Like a curry or something. It's also been a while since I had any fruit. And I don't think that lime juice squeezed over fried rice counts. The other day Tobs asked me where I got my essential nutrients from, and I remember saying "potato chips and coffee". Maybe I should take this more seriously.

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