05 May 2011

Bangkok pt.2 - Day 8

Today was probably the most laziest day of all my BKK days so far. I slept till way too late, so late I don't even want to tell, and had trouble activating myself for several hours. A shower didn't help, even an instant coffee cure failed to cheer me up. It was one of those days, I guess. Tobs was up at a reasonable hour and already riding his wakeskate when I was still thinking about slowly getting up. 

I wonder what it's like to be living in Bangkok. Of course, you'd have to learn the language, find a job, get a permit to stay, get your own place, too. You'd probably want to understand the political situation, get an idea of things like cultural customs and religious values. Carefully you would get familiar with your neighborhood, the streets and the buildings, the clerks from the supermarket, the bakery, the laundry shop. And bit by bit you'd begin to learn the people, their behaviour and their way of thinking. 

Thinking about things like that, things like future and its possibilities, personal options is always tiring, I think. John Legend and the Roots were playing Wake Up and I concidered their advice, and tried to make sense of my day by doing some exercise. A few push-ups, a number of sit-ups, and I was tired all over again. It wasn't working, not today. It was one of those days.

I never heard my friend Tobs sing out loud, not even once. Perhaps he isn't much of a singer, but at least he's careful enough to not sing while I'm being next door. Sitting at the table and thinking about life in Bangkok, I must have sung along some tunes. I remember howling a passage of Oasis' Stand by Me, when I heard a funny sound in the back. I turned around and Tobs was holding his stomach, all red in the face from holding his laughter. I'm glad it was Tobs, though, because I consider him a brother and don't get too embarrassed around him anymore.

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