06 May 2011

Bangkok pt.2 - Day 9

Today we got up early, Tobs a bit more so than I did, and went down to the park. A few people were out already, enjoying morning things like breakfast and a quiet lake. The water was still sleepy and the sound of music spilling out of the speakers felt strangely artificial, almost wrong. We walked past the boardshop, the reception counter and the kitchen, and greeted the purple t-shirt-wearing staff members in broken Thai and a smile. 

Wakeskating went alright today, I finally found out what I did wrong at the start, the reason for my constant falling. And it's simple. I just didn't lean back enough. I corrected my posture and now the starts are fine, wakeskating is fun again. I'd say that wakeboarding is a sport that doesn't involve any kind of stress, maybe a competitive attitude, yes, but not in the sense of mentally going berzerk. Unless, you don't get the starts right, because then you're busy collecting yourself before you even get to the joy of riding.

In the afternoon I went out to meet Miss Ploy for dinner. We met at the Mo Chit BTS Station and took the metro to Phahon Yothin. The MRT station is called Chatuchak, just like the market, and before we went to the platform Ploy showed me a skateshop called Tong Tong. I was super happy, because it looked like a legit shop with a nice vibe and all the good stuff. We were looking at some Chocolate deck graphics when the owner rudely commanded us to keep it down. We left, and I felt sorry for the shop.

Phahon Yothin is close to Chom Phom and seemed like a supernice neighborhood, lots of funky bars and little restaurants along the street. Dinner was great, Miss Ploy took me to a place called Long Doo, close to the station. As an appatizer we ordered something similar to 고기만두, lots of memories and super tasty, and then we had Green Curry with Pineapple and Sweet and Spicy Chicken with Cashewnuts, which was pure deliciousness, a combination as good as gold.

Then we went for drinks. Miss Ploy knew a great place not too far away. We sat outside and got a little table that probably used to serve a sewing mashine in bygone times. We had beer and a bucket full of icy cocktail sweetness. It was nighttime, but the air in the city was still vibrant. A live band was performing Thai songs that sounded strangely familiar to my ears. We talked about this and that, mostly about life in Bangkok, while the guitar was playing remarkably clean tunes.

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