10 May 2011

Bangkok pt. 2 - Day 13

When you stay at a place like the Thai Wake Park, most days tend to follow a similar pattern. And I knew that, so before I came here I had a plan, a structure for the day that looked something like this: get up at eight, exercise till nine, breakfast and digest till ten, ride till one, get lunch, exercise, ride ... etcetera etcetra. Now, what happened is, that it didn't quite work out that way.

My actual daily routine looks more like this: sleep till I wake up, eat breakfast if it isn't more appropriate to call it lunch, ride a bit if I feel like it, get a taxi to the city. I think I really do like wakeboarding, or wakeskating for that matter, but I wouldn't spend all day at the lake if I get the chance to see a city as exciting as Bangkok. After lunch Tobs, Jessi and I went to Banglamphu again, whereas Tom decided to take it easy and stay home.

We wanted to check out a bit of the historic district, but skipped it at short notice to walk through Khaosan and later Sala Daeng. This time we extended our turf though, and found out that the area around Sala Daeng changes his face when the sun goes down. It's a whole different thing. The girls are getting sleazier, the tourists are getting older, fatter and whiter, while the lighting is getting redder with every step.

I once more realized that Bangkok has many different faces, some of which I was probably ignoring most of the time. Next to the religious magnificance and the many cultural aspects, there's lots of people who visit Thailand for other reasons. Or maybe one specific reason. And I'm not talking wakeboarding here. Sure, you hear about it and read about it, but to see the lusty looks on them sweaty fat faces was more than disgusting.

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