11 May 2011

Bangkok pt. 2 - Day 14.

Today was a good day. Since I found the necessary skill to prevent me from falling when the rope starts pulling on my arms I gained a little confidence at the starting bench and can finally enjoy wake skating like Tobs had always told me to. For the first time we detached the fins from under the board and let me tell you, riding the board was so much different without them. I found especially the curves a bit rounder, but on the other hand power slides became more fun to do.

After lunch we went to Wat Pho to see the biggest reclining Buddha in the country. We actually had planned to go yesterday, but of course we didn't think of the temple's opening hours. So we went today instead and it was super impressive, the temple area was like a small independent village, independent from the craziness of a metropolis with traffic and pollution, hectic and noise. It's a peaceful little island in a sea of city.

In the afternoon we went to Phahon Yotin to meet Miss Ploy. It wasn't easy though, because not only was it looking like rain, but we also had trouble finding a taxi because of the insane traffic caused by a fierce after work rush hour. We finally found one with a driver who was willing to take us there, but he soon suggested us to take the subway at Hua Lamphong Station. After a minor discussion we agreed and, at the end, took the MRT.

I was a bit concerned, because with all the detours and changes of plans it was hard to tell Ploy a specific time to hook up at. I texted her when we were in the train, halfway there, and she said she'd meet us at the station. We drove into the station and no Ploy was to be seen, but when we got off the train she was standing right there. Amazing. As it turned out she was on the very same train, standing only a few steps away from us.

We had dinner at Long Doo. Jessi ordered the Green Curry, Tobs had something vegetarian, Tom took Phat Thai with Chicken and a small plate of rolls, Ploy had delicious 고기만두, and I couldn't help but order Sweet and Spicy Chicken with Cashew nuts again. The rain was isolating the place from the outside world, the speakers were spilling out a quiet remake of Tears in Heaven, the food was superb and we enjoyed a super relaxed evening.

After dinner we went for drinks. I forgot the ... actually I never knew the name of the place that we went to, but it was the bar that Miss Ploy and I didn't get a seat in the other day. I was told that the owner is a journalist who started with a small place and has now expanded to four different locations. We got a nice corner spot on the second floor with a ceiling so low that Tobs and Dr. Tom had to duck down a bit.

We sat on comfortable sofas, the air-conditioning was a bit too strong, but the lighting was warm, the decoration consequently mellow, there were no other tourists and we were served peanuts with salt and little pieces of chilly. Weird combination, but Tobs was super fond of the spicy treats. We had huge bottles of beer, a coke light, a glass of water and an orange juice. We kicked back and forgot time. I definitely like the place, very down to earth.

After we got home I started packing. It was our last night in Bangkok. The ride home was rather quiet, not only because we were tired, but also because we knew that there's so much more to see in this city. I left Germany thirty-one days ago and it was a super exciting month. I met many different people, made a few new friends and reconnected with others. I got to say hello to this foreign place called Bangkok, and we might not be friends yet, but I'd like to say we became a little acquainted. At least so much, that I felt a certain responsibility when being out with my friends. I need more time, and inevitably more financial freedom, but I think I really got to like this place.

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