01 May 2011

Bangkok pt.2 - Day 4

May already. You know, I think, the not-being-home-at-least-once-a-month thing is really paying off. As much as I feel the urge to keep myself busy, I can always lean back and remember the marvelous little trips I took, think about all the great places. And the countless good times that I have with my dear friends keep me thinking in a positive way, looking on the bright side of things. Of course, the way that I'm leading my life right now is not going to last in the long run, but at least for now, that's what I want to focus on. Life.

Today Tobs was out on the water early. I slept in. When he got back I got up and started working, and he took a rest. Around noon we got hungry and went out to grab a bite. I had fried rice with chicken, lime and hot coffee and Tobs took stir fried instant noodles with vegetables. After some minutes of digestive activity I got up and decided to buy a ten times riding pass for the park. The inability to get the start right is just too depressing and today I declared war.
All this time I've spent in Thailand now, I only did laundry once. And I didn't even do it myself, I gave it to a shop that did laundry in the back, for thirty Baht a kilogram. So today, while Tobs spent some more time practicing his tricks, I devoted my afternoon to doing laundry. Yesterday I brought laundry detergent from the city. Washing by hand reminded me of my subterranean place in Shingil-dong, Seoul a few years ago.

The other day my awesome friend Miss Ploy took me to a place called Wink's, a supertight bar, sort of darky, somewhere in Sukhumvit, not too far from Phaya Thai. She told me that its owners are three best friends who work in the theater business during the day, and then at the bar at night. They have different sets of wooden tables and comfortable seats, a long bar on one side and a little carpet-covored stage on the other. It's only a few centimeters high and home to a drumset, a bass and an electric guitar and a few amps.

And today Tobs and I went to that same place, because on Sundays they play live music. We met up with Miss Ploy, who had reserved a table for us, ordered a Thai sort of rumy cocktail and watched the last few minutes of Manchester vs. Arsenal. For a down to earth bar the Wink's has two very flat and high-tech television sets. After the game the trio came on stage and started playing. They even took song requests and played them when they knew them, if not, they played the next best thing.

For example, somebody wrote Wonderwall on a piece of paper and gave it to the lead singer, a couple minutes later they played Don't look back in Anger. Somebody else asked for Green Day's Good Riddance, and they played Basket Case. It's not always the requested song, but it's always fair enough. I was surprised when they played The Scientist and I was superpsyched when they played I want to hold your hand by the Beatles. We enjoyed the performance, drank a bit and talked a lot, sang a bit and laughed a lot. It was a great great evening.

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