02 May 2011

Bangkok pt.2 - Day 5

Today was a Thai holiday, but nobody here was able to tell us what exactly it was. The best explanation we got in English was: "Today, work ... no work". Well, perhaps they like to keep it a national mystery. But for us it meant that the park would have more visitors, therefore longer queues and more environmental pressure. And that's why today I didn't ride. Instead I decided to go skate my board a bit. 

The sun was standing high above in a cloudless sky, shining as strong as ever. The wind was sending friendly breezes as I was walking along the gravelly road, carrying my board to the asphalted street, listening to J Rabbit's Love Songs. It's been a few days since the last time I wore solid footwear and I enjoyed the feeling of walking as if walking for the very first time. 

I soon reached the main street. Standing on the side of the road, because there was no sidewalk for pedestrians, I looked left and looked right. Nothing. Before stepping on my board, though, I took a minute to appreciate the beauty of a generously asphalted street, quietly suggesting the sounds that I was already hearing.

I reached into my pocket and skipped forward till I got to a song that fit the mood. Skip, skip, wait, and then the first few seconds of Act too... Love of my Life by the Roots. With a smile on my face I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. Tail on the ground, wheels on the street, a little push, a quick step and then, the sweet sound of rolling on asphalt.

The river is on my right, old houses, homes, on my left. An old lady sees me pushing, she laughs, I send her a greating gesture. A motorcycle passes me, an old man is maneuvering it while a little boy on the back is turning his head to see me, I smile, and he smiles back. A nervous dog is barking at me, his owner laughing out loud, waving me ahead, I say thank you and he nods friendly.

After a kilometer or two I see a little wooden hut on the side of the street. I decide to take a break and sit on one of the small benches. Under the leafy roof I see an old Kenwood television set and a framed picture of the emperor. Birds sitting in tropic trees are chirping and singing, fish are swimming in the river, drinking air every now and then, the running engine of an old car is humming calmly. Breathe in, breathe out. I am alive. 

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