19 May 2011

Bali - Day 5

Today Tobs and Tom wanted to go wakeboarding. I tagged along and we took a taxi to Sanur. Unfortunately it was super windy when we arrived, the water was too rebellious to be pulled on by a motor boat. So instead we checked out some stores and finally grabbed some coffee in a place called Treo, a small warong right at the beach. I had a strong Cappuccino and a Fruit Salad with Yoghurt and Honey.

We talked about this and that, and I thought about how blessed I was to be sitting there, at the beach, in Bali with my friends, sipping coffee, looking at the ocean in front of us. Sure, I definitely like the city life, but this, this was something some people can only dream of. There's folks back at home who have never left and will never leave their little towns. To each his own, right? But I think there's too much to discover to stay home forever.

I did my first trip when I was in school, I think. What I mean is not a school trip, but travelling on my own, or with friends. I think it was London when I was sixteen or seventeen, or was it Paris? Frankly, I'm not sure right now. It was one of those places, and only a small trip, maybe three or four days. Then Munich and Oostende, Praha and Barcelona, Beijing ... and Seoul of course. All beautiful places, I should get a world map soon. I feel lucky to be child of this planet.

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