20 May 2011

Bali - Day 6

Today I had my second surf lesson and I crashed into two other people because I don't know the rules of the sea yet. Out on the water there's traffic rules much like in the streets. Not as in buses driving by, but as in Vorfahrtsregeln and keeping a certain order. I felt super sorry, but there's only little you can do when you're a beginner, so I did the only thing that felt right and left for the beach. I promised myself to get some more theory first.

In the afternoon we invented a game. It's called Helmball. Basically, all you need is a helmet, a ball that is small enough to fit in it, and a swimming pool. The rules are simple: two contestants play at a time, they're standing next to each other on one side of the pool and try to throw the ball in the helmet which is floating on the other end of the pool. Technique is crucial. Tom, for example, used his handball skills, whereas Tobs and I were showing our basketball experience.

For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant. It looked ├╝ber-expensive at first, but turned out to be quite affordable. It was fancy alright with a flashy floor, teaky tables and heavy handkerchiefs, but the prices were surprisingly moderate. I had Chicken Something with Vegetables and Steemed Rice. Later on we went to the Bali Camp for their weekly cocktail night. I lost a Caipirinha to Tobs at a game of mini pool billiards.

After that we went to a place called La Pancha, a super loud bar right at the beach. They had some sort of party and the joint was crowded like crazy. It wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but the beer was cold and from time to time they played some funky tunes, one time they mixed Elvis with a clean hip hop beat and made it sound alright. It was a fun night, but I was glad when we left the place and got home.

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