28 February 2011

Shade of Blu

I stumbled across a tune the other day, it's so fresh, you have to hear it. If you're going to read this post, I'd like you to open this in a new tab and listen to the goodness while you read on. It's a super fresh classic that is constantly on repeat since I've heard it. Give it a try and enjoy.

I'm always amazed by the thought of how many colours the sky has. It's just that I keep forgetting. And since I know that it's there, I don't check its colour all the time, right? But for the past few days it was constantly grey: light grey in the morning, regular grey during the day, and dark grey in the evening. It's crazy how much influence weather has on one's mood. I've been feelin kind of grey all the time.

In school I learned that sunlight does something to the eye. Sure, if you keep looking at it you might eventually go blind, but that's not quite what I'm talking about. What I mean is a real physical reaction that happens through the eyelid. Everytime the eye gets some sunlight, you have to blink, right? And that blinking is exactly what initiates the reaction behind the actual eye. It gives you happiness. Sounds crazy, but it's true.

I wanted to go play some basketball today, but some stupid idiot kids seemed to have broken a bottle of beer on the court. So I turned around swearing, without even dribbling once. I got home, changed and grabbed my board. I haven't been in the streets for a couple of weeks now. And today I had a really good session. Good in the sense of personal satisfaction. Good shit.

Taking a break, I sat down and observed the scene around me. Cars were driving by endlessly, cars in every shape and colour. People walked from left to right, from right to left, old ones slower and younger ones faster. Every now and then a bycicle, sometimes a dog. I saw a little boy playing hide and seek with his mom; he was good, but too excited. He kept giggling, that gave him away. Sweet kid though.

Then I looked up, and saw a shade of blue in the sky. It made me smile, and think of better days. I thought about biology class with Frau Kinnen back in the days. On really really good days, she used to send two kids to go buy ice cream. No lies here, she thought it was good for the mind and therefore good for the studies. Thinking about ice cream made me think of my friend Bassam.

Bassam and his girlfriend run an ice cream parlor. Last thursday the season officially started and they reopened the doors to their shop after a couple of wintery months. I pushed up the Kölnerstraße and enjoyed the sound of my wheels and the smell of fresh air. When I arrived, our friend Konny was there, too. We had coffee and chatted about old times. I was happy to see them today, on the last day of the month.

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