13 December 2013

Wonju - Day 1

Membership training, that's what they call it. They do it in school, in university and in companies of all sizes. I've avoided outings like that in the past, but this time it was sort of inevitable. I wasn't fighting it or anything, but there's usually better things to do instead. With Eloquence though, I was sure it was going to be fun. 

If it hadn't been for the general meeting we had in the morning, which made me want to set fire to the entire city, I would've embraced the idea of a field trip more openly. That being said, I wasn't anywhere near the mood when the stupid rental car arrived. But then, as the newest member of the team I was kind of obliged.

The destination was a place called Oak Valley, a popular ski resort in Wonju. All the reservations were arranged and we just had to go and be. So we went and were. It was super frosty and the ride became more difficult on the slippery roads while I slowly made my peace with the world and eventually participated.

For dinner we went to a nearby buffet, a sort of expensive feast that we got for free, including beers. Exactly, their loss. We had stopped talking about work and towards the evening it actually become fun. It was my first time at a ski resort since eigth grade in high-school, Maria Alm, but don't let me start talking about that.

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