18 December 2013

Tough Crowd

Eloquence got a booth at this year's Seoul Design Festival. It isn't much and it doesn't look like a magazine booth, but it's our space and our home for the next couple of days. The only problem is, people don't know that Eloquence Magazine is a magazine, and nobody seems to read the writing on the wall. 

All we had beforehand was the dimensions. So we made a plan on how to design the booth, what to bring and how to put things. And it turned out that our plan was worth shit. So we ended up flabbergasted with about two hours to redesign our cube. Mental note to self: always be prepared with a plan b.

We borrowed a weird multi-tentacle violin piece of art, thanks to which people thought we were a art gallery, and hung the three posters we had printed and framed on the right-hand wall. The left-hand wall is where we sat and tried to lure in passers-by. It took two full days to bring some motion into the booth.

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