19 December 2013

Take A Shot

Our in-house photographer, Hasisi Park, left us a flash set and I brought my camera and we started taking photos of people for our incredible facebook event. We'd take pictures of visitors and photoshop magazine cover shots with their faces. It was a big hit and people started getting in line to get their photos taken.

At first it was fun, because we could choose who we wanted, funny kids, for instance, or old people whose faces tell incredible stories. But later, as the popping flash light drew people's attention to our booth, we naturally ran out of options. People actually cued up in front of our stall and turned into an assembly line.

We got some great shots, though. For the first time in my life I was called a photographer, and I kind of liked it. I enjoyed the job, even though it wasn't more than a replica of a micro photo studio. But it was fun to interact with people, see their different faces and encourage them to get a little creative.

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