22 December 2013

Jeongeup - Day 2.

When was the last time you played Rummikub? For me it was around fifteen years ago, at Marco's place in a town that I already forgot the name of. Tobs was there, too. I remember that I tried to bend the rules and the guys didn't like it. We talked about traveling a lot. I wonder whether that was before or after we went to China together. 

Our friend's friend brought a couple of board games and we played Rummikub with beers and salami bits. Imagine we would live a couple of hundred years ago. Our homes would be called huts, and they'd have thatched roofs and paper windows and uneven floors. We would probably be farmers and lead simple but happy lives.

To be honest, I have difficulties trying to imagine that. It's hard enough to properly imagine life in another place, how could I succesfully paint a picture of another time. Well, it's always worth a try. Jeongeup was our last trip before the end of this year. It was a nice little outing and we made plans to go on further adventures next year.

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