21 December 2013

Jeongeup - Day 1

In the midst of the design festival, Sumin and I had plans to do our monthly trip out of town. One of these days we were reminiscing about our previous travels and talked a lot about Jeongeup, where we went to in January (click). That was our first domestic trip and it was arctic. We had a laugh about how we almost froze to death waiting for the bus that never came.

So we decided to go back to visit the Choson folk village once more. This time around we invited our friend Soojan and her new boyfriend, who was keen on taking a trip together. As an opportunity to get to know each other he suggested to go by car. Sure, why not, we said and secretely dismissed the worry of getting hypothermic again.

We met in the morning and got snacks and water for the ride, crackers and beers for the night. Soojan is a well-equipped outdoors person, so we'd have a small gas stove, a small table and small cups etc. During the ride we shared stories and coffee, talked about what we had accomplished this year and what we were expecting from next year. I really enjoyed the ride.

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