30 November 2013

Busan - Day 1

Busan again? Like I said before, it's not that difficult to do it. It's the last day of November and I just quit my job. What can I say. Originally, Sumin and I had planned to go on a trip before the month was over, but then something bad happened and we had to cancel. That's how life goes, isn't it. Unpredictable things happen all the time. 

So, we had to change our plans and as a result we are going on two different trips. We had a laugh about it and finally shrugged our shoulders, wishing each other a safe journey. This is nothing metaphorical, by the way. We just literally went on two different trips, that's it. Mine began with a really really short notice message to my friend Cha Cha. 

It took exactly two minutes for him to comprehend, probably sigh, and text me back, "Ok, let's go!" That was last night. And this morning we met at Seoul Station with a backpack and a skateboard each. The train ride took about three hours during which we talked a lot and made imaginary business plans that would definitely work out. Probably. 

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