15 November 2013

Early Bird Day of Fun

When was the last time you took a day off work to get up super early and leave the house just to stand on the street for a couple of hours? Not just a random street, of course. Let's say a busy street in a busy shopping area like Myeong-dong. Well, that's what Sumin and I did, and we weren't the only ones. 

Isabel Marant is a name that fashion people might know. To me it was as random a name as Joe Castrucci would be to my lady. As a student I part-time-jobbed at H&M in Bonn, the one close to the main station, a subsidiary famous for it's outrageous lack of controllability. I loved it. Folding tees and hanging pants.

Now, put your hands together and you'll get what I was waiting for in line yesterday. I've seen it before concerts, or when Aldi first had computers, that people get up early and wait for the doors to open. It sounded like a mission, but it ended up a lot of fun. We talked a lot, got coffee and snacks, almost like date.

The fun part was actually not the waiting, but the fact that we didn't mind being there. People hated us. The majority was young women who took this thing much more seriously than we did. They were angry, literally furious at anybody who was remotely okay with the situation. Did I feel sorry for them? No. It was fun!

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