24 October 2013

Ten Years Next Year

Remember high-school? Eight years of early morning brain action. At that time it's all you know, getting up by six fourty-five, leave the house by seven fifteen, get there by seven fourty. And then you're there till one and that's it. Those five six hours each day felt like forever everyday. 

Now, five hours pass with the blink of an eye, it's amazing. Each period was fourty-five minutes and later you had double-hours for each subject. That's nothing, and yet it was torture sometimes. I remember maths in tenth grade. Each problem felt like finding the numeric key to cure cancer.

A couple of months ago, a facebook invitation taught me that it was our ten-year graduation anniversary next year. Can you believe that? Ten years already. Apparently there's going to be an event, a reunion in my hometown. Terrible, the thought of a high-school reunion, almost worth considering.

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