03 October 2013

Jeju - Day 1

A few days ago my brother and his lady came to Korea for an adventurous vacation. Both of them are eager travelers and it was only a matter of time for them to visit Seoul. Their trip included a mini trip to Jeju Island, which Sumin and I decided to tag along. People here often find it hard to go to Jeju. The truth is though, it's not all that difficult.

In fact, I think the problem is a deficit in will power, a lack of motivation. Jeju requires a ride to the airport and a flight to the island, but depending on where you're located it only takes about two three hours, as much as it would take to go to Busan. But then, yeah, people don't go to Busan, either. I don't know. Why don't people travel more? 

Anyway, the four of us went to Gimpo Airport today and took a plane to Jeju. And it's funny, Jeju is always beautiful, even with a cloudy sky and a shitty little rental car. So much green everywhere. As a city kid I always enjoy the outings that include the sea, or mountains, but the sea more than mountains. I wish Korea had a desert, too.

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