01 September 2013

September First

It's funny when you wake up at night and remember the first half of the day as yesterday. That feeling is even stronger when yesterday you were on the other side of the world. Traveling across hemispheres. By the time it was morning in Korea, Sumin and I were in Tokyo. Just the airport, but still a different country. Home was two more hours away. 

Everything has its order, I guess. When I woke up I suddenly found myself in my apartment. As if the last two weeks had been a dream, a beautiful lie. I lay quiet for a while to make sure. I heard the chronic coughing of the man who never sleeps. I heard the faceless neighbour practicing the bass guitar. Definitely, my apartment behind Seoul Station.

Also, suddenly it was September. The last third of the third quarter of this year. At least I have this trip with Sumin to look back on. I mean, we manage to go on a trip every month, but this one was quite extensive. Expensive, too. Now it's time to get back on my feet, back into my old rhythm. Let's get up. Let's wake up the beast. There's so much to do. Let's ride.

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