25 August 2013

Lyon - Day 1

Our last day in Nice was also our first day in Lyon. We bought train tickets that took us from Gare de Nice Ville to Lyon Part Dieu. Different to Cologne, London or Seoul, the passengers aren't told which platform the train will arrive at until five minutes prior to departure. That's not only inconvenient for people who travel with more than a backpack, it's also super careless, because people will turn into rude assholes.

Fortunately, Sumin is super swift and caught two vacant seats while I was pushed and punched trying to heave our bags and myself on board. I thought it was a good plan and luckily it worked out fine. It was a five-hour ride with a stop in Marseille, therefore having or not having a seat made a crucial difference. We rode along the coast past Cannes and through small cities with no names. 

Lyon. The capital of the Rhône-Alpes region in east-central France. The whole city, with its historical and architectural landmarks, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. How cool is that! Lyon is also known for its silk production, its history of cinema as well as its famous Lyonnaise morning snacks. And despite all those attractions, we were in Lyon for another reason. We came to meet our friend Quentin.

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