17 August 2013

Home - Day 2

Today we took a trip to Bonn. Once a month there is a famous flea market in the Rheinaue. The monthly spectacle attracts sellers and buyers from all over the place. On a good day there are more stands and booths than one can check out. The very best items are gone before most people finish their coffee, but that's part of the game.

We took a train around eleven and got there by twelve. Our preparation included comfortable shoes, spare room in our bags, and spare change in our wallets. That's something I like about markets. Small notes and coins are preferable while credit cards are completely worthless. We got off the tram and excitement made us speed down the station. 

The first stop was a used-book stall. Table after table full of literary goods. From English plays to German philosophy and French folklore. Each book two Euros - three for five. Some coffee from the DIY café on wheels. And off we went, hand in hand. Wandering through the masses, looking for hidden gems. And what we found was peace.

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