22 June 2013

Sokcho - Day 1

This month's mission to leave Seoul began late this afternoon. The first half of the day was so long that it felt like a separate day. Vans was hosting the Go Skateboarding Day at Cult today - a day later than the real Go Skateboarding Day. I went early and shot some photos for the mag, snatched a few bargains at the sample sale, and said hello to a lot of people I haven't met in a while. 

I left the park at close to three and went home to change and leave back a few things. I was packed with a heavy rucksack and a plastic sailor bag full of shoes, and I was carrying my board. All nice things, of course, but in a crowded underground world it's a royal pain in the ass to travel with more luggage than a hard cover book, or a hot cup of coffee, or a few serious thoughts. 

At home I took a mini nap of about ten minutes, time enough to let go of some things that I had on my mind, and sipped a quick cup of coffee. Then I repacked my bag and left for the bus terminal. I met Sumin upstairs near the ticket booths. We looked at the departure board and asked for two seats to Sokcho, please. The plan was set, no we only had to wait and enjoy the ride.

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