01 June 2013

Dear June

The first days of June are a great time of year. The weather is amazing - warm during the day and cool at night. It's perfect to wear a botton down shirt with rolled up arms and walk around the city. Sometimes, before I leave the house, I turn around and look at my jackets. They're neatly lined up on the upper rack of my two-level hanger construction. I leave with a hint of sentimental memories.

A new month has begun today and the first thing on the list was a wedding. Dong-chul, an old-school Korean skate bro, and his wife got married. The ceremony was a nice version of a modern ready-made deal. I don't know. Everyone says they'll do it differently, but then, there are certain social patterns and familiar expectations that nobody can simply abandon. Still, it was nice to see everyone. 

I went to three weddings last month and another invitation is sitting on my desk. Everyone is getting married, entering a new chapter in life. Also, there are lots of skate events this month that I hope I can attend. What makes me uncertain yet is that I know there will be even more work, which is a good thing. Let's wait and see, you can't plan everything ahead. I'm looking forward to this month. June.

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