03 May 2013

Where am I?

Today I woke up super early. To me that means anytime before eight o'clock. Other people have to be at work by then, but there's plenty of jobs that run on different timetables. Translation is one of them, and working on a magazine is another one. But then, there's no such thing as weekends or days off. My hours aren't regular and my pay is secondary. Why do I do this again?

Oh right, I love doing it. At least most of the time, that is. Of course, you get the odd little job that makes you want to pursue a career at Seven Eleven, but honestly at this point I don't mind working late, I don't mind working on Sundays, and I don't mind existing on whatever nutritions coffee and cookies provide me with. On the other hand, there are perks that nobody else can be proud of.

For example, I can pretty much come up with my own schedule. If I don't want to get up at eight, I don't have to get up at eight. How many people can do that? Or, part of my job is to attend events and make notes. Sure, most of the events I would show up at anyway, but still. The best one is though, is that I can work from wherever I want to. Who knows where I am right now?

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