10 May 2013

Busan - Day 2.

After a super fun skate session at Naru Park with Cha Cha and Go, where I didn't manage to land the trick that Patrick filmed me trying for a hundred times, we went back to our friend's place and crashed on his living room floor. The retrospect of a long day combined with the effect of a few cans of beer made it fairly comfortable.

We woke up to the sound of dishes and cutlery. The beginning of a new day, trying to get that interview done. A few text messages put us on hold one more time, like a ordered pizza that nobody wants, a sorry suitcase at baggage claim that no one comes to pick up. Instead, Go took us to some amazing little spots and Patrick and I got a photo each. 

Near the famous Haeundae beach we reclined at a coffee shop, the Biffle treated me to a grande cup full of drip coffee freshness, and waited for a response. We both had our computers up and running and that's how we spent our afternoon. We didn't get the interview, we didn't get to meet Scott Johnston, but we ended up having a great time. Make things happen.

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