04 July 2011

Thirteen Around the Corner

A cup of instant coffee and the Jackson Five are singing about never saying goodbye. It's one am and I can look back on an eventful day. It actually started off with a rather foul mood. I think I slept okay, but waking up just pissed me off. My puls was throbbing like crazy and breathing was difficult, because for some reason one of my nostrils was closed like an angry fist prepared to hit somebody's face. It was one of those mornings when you wake up and already feel exhausted. 

I hated the night for a few more minutes and finally rolled out of bed. And getting up turned out to be a really good idea. A look out the window showed an unexpected blue sky and real sunshine. Things were getting better. My brother was up, too, and he was going to run a few errands around town. I followed him and together we walked a little. It was still early and walking was good. With every step another muscle woke up, another wheel in my head started spinning.

After a late breakfast, Mehrkornbrötchen mit Frischkäse und Pfeffersalami, I felt wildly alive and after my second cup of coffee I was ready for some action. Soon my feet started getting nervous and I grabbed my board. I left the house and turned left, it's always the same. At the metal fence I turn right and push down the parking lot. On the other end I turn left again and ride along the sidewalk, then right into the one-way street. The asphalt is rough, but I keep pushing. One more right turn and I arrive at the spot.

First I check the ground, because I don't want anything weird to be lying around where I skate. Then I sit down on the corner bench and retie my shoes. After that I usually take a minute to just sit there and be. While observing my territory I often think about the many sessions that have been skated here. Many skaters have set foot on this fortunately extended sidewalk. Many tails have been snapped, many tricks have been landed on these very slabs. This is where it all began. Thirteen years ago.

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