14 June 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 17

I don't know too many people in Bangkok, and I guess even less people know me, but those I do know, or got to know lately, were all aware of my leaving on Thursday evening. And they were all nice enough to care about my departure. There were talks about a farewell party on Wednesday, a nice gathering of good people and great friends, at some point someone even mentioned a club. But then, today, I found out that it's really tomorrow evening that I'm leaving.

It shouldn't have, but it has been quite a surprise. It messed up a number of plans and I'm terribly sorry, because I realized too late the avalanche that was bound to my mistake. I met Ploy in the afternoon, we met for coffee and sunny talks, and also to get a few last things. We went from Esplanade to Central World and hooked up with Plair for dinner. We had Japanese goodness and coffee at a place called Secret Garden, which, by the way, wasn't secret at all. Not that I expected it to be hidden or something, but ... you know. 

After dessert we took the BTS to Sala Deng for a last quick shopping stroll. I wanted to get one or two last t-shirts from the one decent stall at the end of the street market. As we sped along the dark kinky sidewalk I realised that this was definitely not the right time of day to come to this district with Ploy and Plair. Fortunately, I found a couple of things along the way and we soon took off towards Ratchada and Sutthisan. It was my last night in the city and it was my very own fault that packing had become its highlight.

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