30 May 2011

Bangkok pt. 3 - Day 2

I had a crazy good sleep. I woke up and felt superalive, I think it's the mattress. I stretched, worked on a translation, and went back to bed. And when I woke up again I was ├╝bertired. I watched some skate stuff online and decided to go to the Benjasiri Park in the afternoon. It's been almost three weeks that I've been standing on my board. I remember times when even three days without skating was unthinkable. 

After wakeskating on the lake and surfing in the sea, skating the streets was pretty dry bread today. Position of the feet, balance, posture, movement. Everything is different. But I enjoyed the rush that you get when you push in the wrong direction of traffic. It's great for a few moments, before the lights turn green and a merciless battalion of cars, motorcycles and tuktuks approaches you like a herd of angry animals. 

But it's those few moments in between that make up for all the hassle. At the spot then I had to find out that my body wasn't responding the way my brains wanted it to. I guess that's what happens when you're not skating regularly anymore. Well, not much you can do there. Except for, skate more. And that's what I'm thinking of doing. To skate more. Not only here, but in general. Just be more active, consume the goodness.

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