08 May 2011

Bangkok pt. 2 - Day 11

Today we woke up super early. Because today was the day that Tom and Jessi arrived. We managed to get up and be ready to go as the pre-ordered taxi drove up to the parking lot. It was still dark outside and I believe that some people would have called it very late at night. Going to the airport felt funny. We took the highway and drove through the city.

I looked out the window and saw the city of Bangkok wake up. The sun slowly showed its friendly face, sending energy and warmth all over the place, early trains were commuting sleepy people to work, tired buildings were passing by, yawning billboards were stretching and started advertising. It was an amazing view that sure helped me to appreciate this place once more. 

At the airport we grabbed some breakfast and grew more and more excited about our friends' arrival. The plane was supposed to land at 6:15 and until the two of them were visible, Tobs and I reconfirmed our original hip hop beliefs. It all started with Tobs noticing that the shiny floor must be perfect for breakdancing. We thought about busting a few moves, but couldn't decide who should go first. We failed at the beatbox attempts and ended up practicing some acapella freestyle rapping.

Tom and Jessi arrived safely and we were standing exactly where they exited after their baggage claim. We took a taxi to the wake park and resplit our rooms. And after checking out the facility a bit, we went to the Chatuchak Market, because today was their only weekend day in BKK. As it turned out, Tom wasn't much of a shopaholic. But he seemed more relaxed at dinner for which we went to Khaosan Road.

At the end of the day we were all super exhausted. But the best part was yet ahead of us. Our taxi ride home was … well, first of all it was the worst kind of traffic we've had so far, it took us almost an hour to get out of the city, and second of all the driver must have been a secret hip hop club agent or something. He played stuff like DMX and showed his excitement about the freedom of racing by flooring his gas pedal. I mean, there's probably worse taxi drivers out there, but when Tom started humming Highway to Hell none of us was easy in his mind.

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