22 May 2011

Bali - Day 8

The first real Balinese person I got to know is Adi. He's a twenty-five year old local surfer who has quite a story already. Back in the days he was a talented fighter, till one day someone broke one of his legs in a competition. In school he learned six different languages at the same time, and was also member of a punk band. Today he works as a surf guide and professional man of happiness. He has funky hair like Curly Sue and he's always got a smile on his face. 

Today he and his Swiss accomplice Irene came to pick us up. We drove to Adi's home town again, a peaceful place away from the hype of Kuta. We were taught how to wattle little rice pockets and flower bowls out of palm tree leaves. Although Adi kept saying that it's easy, I found it quite difficult. But it was fun to try and definitely fun to watch them do it within a few seconds. Adi's family must be the most genuinely friendly people in the whole world. Suksumo!

In the afternoon we went to a nice beach called ... where we had a super mellow meal in one of the many warongs. I had Chicken with Cashew Nuts and a little chocolate bar for dessert. For coffee we came back home and relaxed at the pool. With our feet in the water we talked about ways to spend more time here. Some of us can see themselves settle down here, make a living with what we have and enjoy life and nature to the fullest. 

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