21 March 2011

Officially Spring

Today at 00:21 spring officially started, astronomically speaking. And indeed, the sun is up and shining stronger these days, convincing people that winter is finally over. It will start to shine longer, too, so that the days will get longer untill in summer it will be up till ten at night. And the temperature outside is rising, people walk around like it was hot already, although it isn't. It's only warm in the sun.

Actually somebody told me today that it was because of the cement in the walls, that it's still cold in the shade. Nonetheless, most coffee shops have their tables outside, wooden ones with many people sitting at them, talking, laughing, flirting, dating. The stools, also wooden, are warm when they are being sat on. I mean, not as in, somebody else just sat here, but warm from the absorption of sunlight. And everybody seems happy, as if the energy is transported from their seats straight into their moods.

The streets behave differently, too. There are flowers planted into stone cubes along the main roads, flowers in various shapes and colors. When you breath, it's still the fumes of the bydriving cars that fill your lungs, but looking at those flowers, imagination becomes a funny thing. Even the pedestrian streets have changed. The guy who sold roasted chestnuts in winter wears Lederhosen now to sell Bratwurst. The other guy still tries to look French and sell crêpes.

The air, too, smells different to let's say a month ago, less crisp and nutty, more sweet maybe, hard to describe. But there's definitely more people in the streets enjoying the nice weather. And the sounds, too. Nobody's  honking anymore, nobody's saying hooo to try and capture the clouds of breath inside their hands, instead they are whistling melodies into the air. More and more bycicles are on the streets, bells are ringing, breaks are being squeezed. Other birds than pigeons are visible, dogs are barking, grandmas are yelling. It's beautiful. It's finally spring.

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