07 March 2011


Yeah, I think I'm having a minor setback. Concentration isn't working today, motivation is down, and something seems to be wrong with my digestive system. Just another day, I guess. Today is the monday before Aschermittwoch, which marks the peek of the Karneval season. I think it's called Rosenmontag, because back back back in the days the Pope used to give somebody good a rose on this day each year, the name stuck to it, and so we have a day called Rosenmontag.

For kids it's actually a nice tradition, so I won't be mad at the world with this post. There's this thing called Rosenmontagszug, it's a train made out of dressed up cars and tractors with people in costumes who throw and give away candy to kids and booze to hot girls. The train goes through the main streets, they have it in all the cities in the Rheinland area. It's less raucous than last Thurstday or Saturday, but people will still go mental. And the music, the awful sound of Karneval, is driving me crazy.

Fortunately the madness should be over in a couple of hours, the world will be back to normal. I found this picture the other day and it cracked me up a little. Since I'm lacking words today anyway, I'll let the photo speak for itself.

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