06 March 2011

What gives you Energy

It's got cold and windy again, after snowy and rainy that's the worst weather to go skate. Also it increases the chances to get sick. I'm not sure, but I got the feeling that something might be coming up. When you're cold and tired all the time and feel like wearing a beanie at home, that's not a good sign, is it? Yeah, I think I'm lacking vitamines and laughter.

I often wonder where people gain their energy from. Popeye has his spinache to free Olive from Bluto, the Gummi Bears had their Gummiberry Juice to jump here and there and everywhere, and Inspector Gadget has, well he's actually a cyborg, but you get the idea. He has his gadgets, and also a genius niece and a clever dog. But what about real people?

I figure that in general, people are energized by other people. Lovers, friends and family. People all around the globe. But what about the spinach, the juice and the gadgets? That's what got me thinking today. First thing that comes to mind is obviously skateboarding. But what if your environment doesn't provide you with the right circumstances? Or what if you don't skate?

Maybe music or sports, Tschaikowski and Chess. Perhaps literature or food, Playboy and Pizza. For some people it might be work, for others it could be art. Some people build things to feel better, others destroy for the same reason. Whatever it may be, I think the important part is to find something that makes you feel good about yourself. Because at the end of the day, when you brush your teeth, what you see in the mirror is but yourself.

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