24 March 2011

Laydown all Distractions for a While

A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me about a thing she recently started. Her name is Hizzle, I've always known her as a rather confident little woman. But when we talked about her project she grew a bit shy about it, which I found a very sweet feature on her. I was out until late that night and checked it out as soon as I got home. After what she said I was expecting something nice and quiet, but what I found was so much more than that.

She produced a supermellow place that is truthfully hers, every bit is carrying her name. And the way she chooses her words is just flavoury. It made me worry about my own writing. It's funny though. It's only been around three months since I've started this, my own blog, but it has grown and become a firm part of my daily routine already. It's fun, I enjoy working on it and I want it to be good. Only recently I've been having trouble thinking a straight thought. And making words out of them feels even harder.

Rarely words just spill out of me, my fingers almost never type like they already knew what I was thinking, one word chasing the other. Most of the time it doesn't come that easily. Especially at times like these, with so much stuff going on it's that much harder to conentrate. Therefore I'm even happier to have so many creative people around me, people like my friend Hizzle, who constantly motivate me. As much as there's stuff to ponder about, there's so much more stuff to be thankful for.

Inspiration is waiting right around the corner, sometimes just a little train ride away, sometimes not even that. I'm trying to go to places as often as possible, but like I said it's not that easy to move anymore. Still, thanks to the internet and handy telephones, communication has become easier and I don't necessarily have to be somewhere to be somewhere. Still, I would of course prefer to be places and visit friends in person, but if that's not possible, there's always another way.

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