08 December 2013

Knock on Wood

How do I like my new job? Let me think, it's only been a week now. Working with a great team is pretty much on top, I think. I've had that before with the gentlemen at Unsung, and I'm glad I get to work in a proper, determined team once again. Communication is key for sure, almost like in a relationship.

The job itself. Let's be honest, how many people are truly happy with their jobs? Again, it's only been a week and I might hate it before the end of the month, but for now, yes, I really enjoy what I'm doing. What am I doing? Writing, thinking, translating, forming genius questions that only allow good answers.

And the perks that come along the job. Meeting people for interviews and shootings, people whose artwork I've been looking at for years, people who have stories to tell, people I'd never meet as a store clerk. Things like gallery opening parties with amazing food and wine forever. The sum of all these things is the best part.

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