30 December 2013


What do you think is the best part about traveling? I read in my notebook, read my own handwriting. It was a crispy cold evening not too long ago. I was sitting in a coffee shop and a little boy at the next table tried to get more out of his juice box than it contained. I showed him my empty paper cup and shrugged my shoulders. He gave me a smile and I smiled back.

I couldn't remember when I jotted down the note. The line in the top right corner of the page that is reserved for the date was empty. I sat back and started thinking, which is actually the exact purpose of most of my notes, to rediscover them and think about their meanings. So, what's the best part? I like cities more than mountains or oceans... no wait, let me start over. 

I think it's the act of leaving. It sounds trivial, but if you think about it, it really isn't. Depending on how busy a person you think you are, even a small trip requires scheduling and planning. It feels like work, when it's really a favour you're doing yourself. There is something valuable in the fact that you're allowing yourself to make new experiences, in getting lost and challenging yourself to find your way back.

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