28 December 2013


My friend Seung-wook told me yesterday that he visited a few friends in Tokyo one time. He told me they are all skaters and artists and they are all living in the same neighbourhood. One guy is a photographer, another one owns a barber shop, and a third one runs a skateboard magazine. And it made me dream about a life like that, our friends and our families all connected.

I made some decisions in my life that brought me here, today, to this very desk; decisions that made it difficult to stay close to the people I met along the way, especially the ones I grew up with. There's only a handful left. I call them my brothers, because that's how much I value their friendships. I wish I were better at keeping in touch with them, that's one of my greatest regrets.

I'm thirty now, twenty-nine in real age. The life expectancy of a male in Korea is seventy-seven. An average German lives one year longer, seventy-eight. So, according to the World Health Organization I have about forty-eight years left to make up for my shortcomings as a friend, a son, a brother. I wonder how long it takes to build a small town, where we all can live together.

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