24 December 2013


We used to go to church every Christmas Eve when I was younger. There's a strong Korean community in Germany, mostly held together by church and other collectives. Since we always lived a bit further away we had to drive an hour to get there. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn't. But for some reason, this year I really miss those times. 

It's my family that I miss, of course. I wonder what they're up to. Hopefully they're gathered at home, around some amazing cooking and some drinks, discussing future and other wonders of life. People always seem to try and predict the future a little too precisely, too calculative for my taste. I recently read an article about wisdom by some cognitive scientist from Melbourne. 

Quoting Einstein and the Queen of Australia, he said that wisdom can't be bought with money, it can't be taught by anybody. It can only be acquired by living and surviving times. If you don't die along the way you'll end up wise, or something close to that. It was a neat little article. It made me want to lead a long life, hopefully resulting in being a wise grandpa, on Christmas Eve.

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