16 December 2013

Happy Birthday, Again

Okay, here's what happened. The day before yesterday, after I came back from the Wonju trip, I went home, changed and left for Itaewon in the evening. It was our favourite bar's first anniversary. It was a private kind of circle, tables were lined up, snacks and beers on the house. It was crazy.

Yesterday, we met again for Gi-woun's birthday eve gathering. Just the three of us (Gi-woun, Jonas and me) for some casual drinks to welcome a new year of our brother's being. Soultrain, after the previous spectacle, was unsurprisingly closed, and we had to go to our second favourite bar called Vinyl. 

They have amazing gin tonics. It's expensive, but it works very well. Shortly past one I had to take off. It was Sunday, which means it was Monday soon, which means I had to go to work. We all did. And then it was today, Gi-woun's birthday, and guess what, we met again and drank again. And I'm tired. That's it.

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