09 November 2013

One Year Anniversary

Yesterday, exactly one year ago, Sumin and I had our first official date. We decided to go to Itaewon, seven o'clock. She was a little late, perhaps ten minutes, because she had forgotten to pack her phone as she left the house. I was nervous and ten minutes felt like she wasn't going to show up at all.

Luckily, she did and we went on to find a nice place to eat. She made a suggestion, which as an act by itself I find outstanding, and we ran into a seventy minute waiting list at the door. So I made another suggestion and she seemed happy that I knew a place. It was right around the corner and the food is great. 

After that we went for a walk. Except for the busy main street and the popular blocks it's a rather quiet area. We talked the entire time, and we laughed a lot. It was an amazing evening, the beginning of everything. And yesterday we repeated the same exact date course. And guess what, it was just as amazing.

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