17 November 2013

Mental Time Machine

One way of mentally traveling in time is to go to a place where there is lots of people or things you have known for a long time. For example, if you visit your home town and take a trip to the elementary school you went to, the things you see, if they haven't changed, will remind you of something. Memories of your childhood, things you perhaps thought forgotten forever.

Yesterday I went to Cult, the spot in Dongdaemun that I first went to with my brother K in 2002. I didn't know much about Seoul, let alone the skateboard scene at that time. All that happened only after I came back in '04/'05. I attended a language school and spent most of my days exploring the city, skateboarding and meeting new people everyday. 

Some of the people I met became good friends. We have a laugh when we talk about ten years ago. And then there are people who I seldom see, because they lead different lives now, or they don't skate that much anymore. Well, yesterday a whole bunch of those people showed up at the spot yesterday, and I felt like was visiting my elementary school.

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