23 November 2013

Free on Sunday

Tomorrow is Sunday. God's day. A day that means lots of different things to lots of different people. For me, today, it is reserved for great things like family and friends, general appreciation of life, as well as amateur parking lot futsal sessions. But, it's the end of November and the weather is forbidding more and more outdoor activities. 

So, against my will, the majority of players decided to stop the tradition that I barely got used to now. The notification left me in disbelief, but the decision was made. Well, well. Spring is going to come soon, and then the competition will be back on. Until then I'll spend my Sunday afternoons otherwise. There's plenty of things to do, always. 

Actually, that's something I wanted to talk about the other day, but then my thoughts drifted elsewhere. I wanted to talk about how back in the days I had nothing much to do. Now, I run from this appointment to that appointment, with only little bits of time to spend with my lady or with friends or skateboarding. One day it will be different, I'm sure. 

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