11 November 2013

Bon Anniversaire, man!

Today at eleven past eleven, people in Germany celebrate the beginning of the so-called Narrenzeit. Each year when the digital watches say 11/11 11:11, that's when the craze begins. People skip school and work, take trains to different places, drink a lot and make out with random other people, it's a weird tradition. 

It's actually great fun as a child, but unfortunately people get addicted to it and use it to do all kinds of shit that they wouldn't dare on a regular day. It's embarrassing, really. My friends who love it will hate me, but that's the one time I don't care. I'm glad I'm on the other side of the world, far away from the madness.

Instead, I met my brother Quentin from Lyon. He's a new media genius, and I don't really know how he works. He's a proper Frenchman and I'm German a lot. Together we went to a Korean restaurant, sat on the floor with folded legs and put a piece of cake between the rice bowl, the bean sprouts and the kimchi stew.

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